Vitachews Review

Vitachews is a good example of how mass production can get in the way of canine health. Like many other of the leading brands (by volume) this product is focused on how cheaply they can produce a product that dogs will eat. Great emphasis is given to flavoring as you can see by the ingredients and not enough is paid to nutrition.

Our staff of reviewers took a look at several bottles of Vitachews over many weeks to find out just how well it works. An above average number of dogs took the supplement very well and acted like it was a treat. The biggest problem with this product is the reaction the dogs had to it. The use of grain based ingredients caused breakouts in a full third of the dogs that tried it. This result is unheard of in the canine supplement industry.


Chicken liver is the main ingredient in this product which means that its focus is flavoring. The second ingredient is corn syrup which is again about flavoring. Being a grain based ingredient, this was the suspected major cause of the breakouts which were experienced. Wheat germ was the next ingredient (grain based) and proven to be an allegen in most breeds. Then more sugar in the form of sucrose.

We can go on listing each ingredient in the supplement, but the bottom line is that while there are some vitamins and other nutrients in Vitachews, the main ingredients are not good for a dog's blood sugar and there are way too many grain based ingredients for it to be safe to use.

Overall Assessment

Vitachews has a solid reputation in the industry as a good selling supplement, but after further review it is obvious that they have chosen the path taken by so many of the mass produced canine supplements which are sold in large retail stores. Make it tasty, make it cheap, and maybe some dog somewhere might benefit from it. In the case of Vitachews, the canine population was the last on their list.