The Missing Link Review

Missing Links proprietary, patented cold-processing method advertises they ensure the freshest delivery of precious omega 3 fatty acids in combination with a broad spectrum of natural fiber, flax lignans and phyto (plant) nutrients. They claim to use ingredients that are nutrient rich to address the problems of marginal or empty calories and "missing" nutrients that often are characteristic of companion animal diets. The issue our staff had with this product is first that it is a powder, which is a lazy manufacturing method which puts the burden on dog owners to figure out how to feed it to their dogs. That fact aside, our reviewers agreed to give it a fair review.


The first three ingredients are flax seed, rice bran, and yeast. All three are great ingredients for canine health, although the majority of breeds have problems with the rice. It has proven to be a strong allergen in many dogs. The next ingredient is molasses which we speculate is used as a flavoring, binder, and for color. Having a pure sugar product this high in the ingredient list is cause for concern.

The remaining ingredients are filled with what you would like to see in a daily supplement. The only issues we have is that there is so little of these ingredients per serving. Another thing we would like to see is some sort of joint repair ingredients to fill out the supplement. These kind of changes are really a cost issue that some of the smaller manufacturers have trouble with.

Overall Assessment

After trying the powder with many of the reviewer's dogs it was clear that there was something missing. Everyone conducted a similar review by trying the powder added to their regular food each morning for a full week. In about 50% of feedings, the dogs would not eat their normal food and had to be given food with no powder on it. Not a good sign of palatability.

Of those dogs that did eat the food, one third experienced diarrhea while taking this supplement. Another bad sign. Our overall impression is that there are some good ingredients included in The Missing Link powder, but for some reason there is not enough attention paid to the flavor. Also, there is something in the powder that causes severe digestion problems. There are many good supplements on the market which are a better value that your dog will eat without any trouble.