Springtime Fresh Factors Review

Springtime is a small manufacturer of animal health products which produces Fresh Factors. A tablet that is designed to for canine use and actually goes a lot farther than most companies do to provide nutritional value. We ordered our bottles and jumped right in. The first test for every supplement is the smell when you open the bottle. It is a good indicator if the dogs are going to eat it. Fresh Factors did not have a bad odor so we anticipated it would be well received. It turns out that only about 50% of the dogs would eat it and the rest would not try them if they were covered in cheese. The ingredients do paint a picture of why this occurred, but we were a bit surprised.


The main ingredient in Fresh Factors is what is described as a yeast culture. Springtime claims that this is a great source of enzymes. The next ingredient is liver which is a flip of a coin if it is going to cause an allergic reaction. It is odd for a company to not know which ingredient will be used in their product, unless they are having it made by someone else. This is a red flag for us.

Next is bee pollen which they claim it contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, aminos, and on and on. The truth is that if you give this to your dog you are giving them...bee pollen. There may be nutrients which are naturally occurring in the pollen, but most animals are not able to process those nutrients in their systems. Springtime was nice enough to include Chondroitin, but it is missing its brothers: Glucosamine and MSM. Most comprehensive supplements provide all three. if you are going to go to the trouble of adding a joint repair compound it would make more sense to include all three. Cost must have been a factor. the remaining ingredients are in such small amounts that they do not provide much benefit.

Overall Assessment

Springtime is a small manufacturer which is most likely having their products private labeled from somewhere else and then adding their label to it. It is obvious that there was not a professional animal nutritionist involved in the formulation of this product and the nutritional information they give is highly debatable. We did try the product with our reviewers and found that the ones who did eat it at least did not have any digestive problems as a result. There were no positive results or any negative results. Much like the ingredients, there was little value in trying this product.