Solid Gold Seameal Review

Seameal is made by Solid Gold, a manufacturer of holistic dog foods, treats and supplements. Our reviewers have a lot of respect for Solid Gold and most of have used their dry dog food brands at one point or another. Our experience with their dog foods has been a lack of manufacturing consistency from bag to bag and some negative reactions when fed to our dogs. Everyone of the reviewers were interested in trying their dog supplement to see if we achieved the same results.

To start, we purchased 3 bottles from different lots to see if there was a consistency issue. This was an easier task to complete with a powdered product than if it was a liquid or tablet, although it is well known how much our reviewers (and most consumers) dislike powdered products because they are so difficult to properly administer. The consistency appeared to good for all three bottles so we moved forward with our reviews.


Seameal contains an odd collection of ingredients. The main two being kelp and flaxseed which are common and good for many dogs, the use of lemon powder and chlorophyll is puzzling. In all of our research we have found nothing that indicates either of these product have any beneficial purpose. Apparently they are added as a marketing strategy. The B12 is a good addition, although it is really the only vitamin in the supplement. Seameal also contains Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Product which is a fungus used, among other things, to make Saki, Soy Sauce, and rice vinegars. Its use in this product is unknown. Seameal also contains Dried Aspergillus Niger Fermentation Product which is commonly referred to "black mold" and is responsible for horrible illnesses in humans. Industrially, this fungus is used to make certain substances like corn syrup and other compounds, but there is not good reason why you would feed it to your dog.

it is hard to understand why these particular ingredients are assembled and packaged as a supplement. Since Solid Gold is a large manufacturer of dry and wet dog foods, it is possible that they are using some by products, like the two mold, which are produced in their other operations to reduce waste. There is really not any good information given by the manufacturer which makes any sense as to what their ingredients are supposed to do. But our reviewers did try this product and found that it did not interfere with the palatability of their normal dog food. Across the board we found that Seameal did not provide either positive or negative results.

Overall Assessment

Solid Gold Seameal is a strange collection of ingredients which have no stated purpose and research has not shown provide any benefit. The quality in manufacturing is what you would expect and the packaging is on par with the industry. Coming from a company that has stated they are dedicated to animal health, you would expect something better.