Pet Naturals of Vermont Review

Pet Naturals of Vermont is a well known company that produces a solid product line including the product we reviewed, Daily Best For Dogs. Our reviewers were familiar with PNOV so we assumed this would be one of the easier products to review. Of course, making that assumption is always a mistake.

While our reviewers had mainly heard good things about the Pet Naturals products, it was surprising to find that their products are not very well received by the majority of the dogs that tried them. The ingredient list is acceptable, they have a great track record for safety and their packaging is above average, but there is a real problem with formulation if 7 out of 10 dogs will not eat it.


To find out what the deal is with palatability we decided to look to the ingredients. Everything on the label looks good. Lots of vitamin, minerals, and other nutrients. Since the main ingredient is chicken liver you would expect it to be gobbled up quickly by almost any dog. Because our reviewers had such a poor result with palatability it does question the quality of the chicken liver flavoring. Many lower quality supplements choose to spray a rendered chicken fat on their tablet which spoils very quickly and gives off a rancid smell. Not sure if that is what PNOV is doing but the results of our reviews tell the tale that something is wrong.

Another cause may be the over abundance of synthetic ingredients in this product. Most supplements rely on natural substances to provide the health benefit of their products but it appears that most of the ingredients used in this formula are not naturally occurring. It is common for dogs to sense when something is not right with their food or treat

Overall Assessment

This is another product which fell short of the mark. The ingredient list and reputation of the manufacturer had our hopes very high before our reviews. the reality was that most of the dogs who try it will not eat it. There is something about the formulation which the dogs found offensive but we could not identify what it was. Perhaps there is something they are picking up which is not described on the label, but whatever the reason, a supplement only works well if your dog eats it. Nobody wants to fight with their dog every day to keep them healthy, especially when there are so many good alternatives.