Nutri-Cal Review

Nutri-Cal is a high-calorie palatable dietary supplement used for the very specific purpose of treating stressed or debilitated pets, pets suffering from illness, surgery or whelping, aging pets or picky eaters, who need increased caloric and nutritional intake. This product is used as an emergency measure those animals at risk for complications associated with malnutrition.

Most of our reviewers work with rescue dogs at shelters across the country and one of the products used to treat animals in distress is Nutri-Cal. It is not considered a daily supplement for the general canine population, but it has saved more dogs lives than any other product on the market which deserve the recognition of a review.


Since the purpose of Nutri-Cal is to provide critical nutrients to distressed dogs in the most palatable form, the ingredients are geared toward that end. The active ingredients of Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, malt Syrup, and Cod Liver Oil combine to make a tasty, high calorie formula which can bring many dogs back from the brink. Packed into this mixture is a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals these dogs need to keep them alive.


Manufactured with the highest level of care and attention, Nutri-Cal is packaged in an easy-to-use squeeze tube for easy dosing and delivery.

Overall Assessment

There are many canine supplements on the market which choose to take advantage of the lack of tight regulation by producing expensive formulas with little value. Nutri-Cal is designed for a specific purpose of keeping dogs in crisis alive and it does a fantastic job. Every shelter and rescue organization trusts Nutri-cal to get the job done and every family should have some onhand just in case. Great product.