Nupro Review

Nupro supplements have been around for a long time and one that we have visited and revisited several times over the years. One of the original canine supplements, Nupro represents the early years of research and development into canine nutrition. A lot of what was true 20 years ago still holds true today. What has always been their strong point is that they keep their ingredients simple and do not include any fillers or known allergens. We have always wanted them to switch from the powder to a chewable, but the costs much have been too much.


Very simple collection of ingredients. Starting with kelp which is a very beneficial ingredient in many canine supplements and provides a number of vitamins although in powdered form they are in very minute amounts. Flaxseed is another staple of many supplements which have the stated purpose of providing Omegas, but we have learned over the years that in this form it has very little benefit. Their stated use of their yeast culture is misleading by saying it prevents skin issues which is just not true.

All that is left is a liver based flavoring and aminos. The thing that always bothered us about Nupro is that they use liver which most breeds are allergic to. Since their product is powdered and added to something else the dog is eating it doesn't make much sense to add an allergen when you don't have to. The aminos are very basic and incomplete.

Overall Assessment

As with any product or technology from 2 decades ago, there are always improvements. When Nupro hit the market it was the best available supplement because there weren't any others. After years of careful research and development by hundreds of companies, there are so many more beneficial supplements which are in chewable form and cover so many more conditions. Once Nupro was the standard, now it is almost obsolete.