Lipiderm Review

Lipiderm is advertised as a product used to combat itching. The manufacturer says Lipiderm Liquid Supplement is a superior supplement for chronic itching problems in dogs. The effective ingredients in Lipiderm are Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from highly specific fish oils. We have found that a healthy dose of Omegas can help treat certain forms of itching so we decided to put Lipiderm through its paces and see how well it does with some rescue dogs that have bad skin conditions.

Our reviewers with dogs that have known skin conditions tried Lipiderm and some did find that it had a positive effect. Roughly 40% of the dogs that tried Lipiderm had some reduction in skin irritations, but only 5% had what would be considered significant results. Increasing the dosage for each dog also did not have a positive impact on their results. Also, some of the dogs were negatively affected by the use of Lipiderm and experienced changes to their stools while using the product.


The nature of the ingredients being used in Lipiderm call for it being in liquid form which is always a challenge for consumers. The ingredients themselves are solid, with the exception of the main ingredient, fish oil. Most low grade fish oil is high in mercury wihch can have even worse effects on dogs more so than humans. There is no mention of the quality of their fish oil so we would always be cautious with our dogs.The lack of this information prevented our reviewers from trying it with their dogs. 

Overall Assessment

Lipiderm is a very singular product with a single purpose, alleviating itching caused by chronic skin conditions. The lack of information and simplistic packaging leads us to believe this is more of a feed store supplement to be purchased by those looking for a cheaper alternative to proper veterinary care. The risk versus reward using undocumented fish oil for long term treatment of a chronic skin condition doesn't sound very beneficial so we would definitely not recommend this product.