HardyPet Probiotic Review


A canine supplement that is becoming more closely looked into are probiotics. Long has it been suspected that dogs shared the same gastrointestinal battle between flora and yeast but it had not been well studied. Research on the benefits of a particular product for dogs can be challenging since the only feedback given by study participants are visible symptoms and many of those symptoms span across multiple conditions. An example of this is itchy skin causing chronic itching. Often this is caused by allergens a dog comes in contact with internally or externally, but many times it can be caused by an overgrowth of candida yeast in the digestive tract.

Probiotics come in all shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are produced and marketed for human consumption. Those that are advertised for use by dogs are typically the same human probiotics which are then packaged for use with dogs. Because dogs and humans have a different probiotic profile, using probiotics made for humans with your dog can cause problems. It is always best to use "canine specific" products whenever possible. Another example of this would be the practice of giving dogs a fish oil softgel that is made for humans. Dogs cannot tolerate the same amount of fish oil as humans and the milligrams must be closely dosed. Always use products that are made just for dogs


The manufacturer of Canine PRO6 uses the 6 strains of good bacteria that are known to reside in the canine digestive tract. There are some products which use one, 2 or 10 strains but PRO6 uses the 6 kinds of flora that are native to their system. In the flora vs. yeast battle being fought by dogs every day, adding these 6 strains of good bacteria supplies fresh troops to the front lines to counter the negative effects of candida yeast. Another thing we like about PRO6 is that it is shelf stable (doesn't require refrigeration) and doesn't have anything other than the probiotics. We found a lot of other products that put more than you need in with the probiotics and we prefer just the basics..


Overall Assessment

Our review staff tends to lean toward Hardypet products because they have found them to be safe and effective, use only natural ingredients and most importantly they work on the dogs who try them. Their Canine PRO6 is another example of a product made by a company that has a dog's best interest in mind. It is always easier to use stock formulas made for humans or cheaper ingredients in a product made for dogs but that doesn't appear to be the case with Hardypet. Every single dog/owner on the review team for this product saw a noticeable difference in their dog after trying the PRO6. This is remarkable when compared to the results we have seen with other probiotics that are marketed for dogs. This product would be highly recommended for any dog fighting the yeast battle, after a course of antibiotics, or whenever there is a loose stool due to digestive imbalance.