HardyPet Complete Review


In the canine supplement market, there are few products which meet half of the criteria on most dog owner's wish list. HardyPet Complete exceeding our expectations and actually hit every one of the things we hope for in a supplement. When we purchased our test bottles and started going through our normal review process, we were blown away by the care that HardyPet takes with every step of the process from packaging, labeling, customer service, and of course the product itself. One the first tests our reviewers perform is to open the bottle close the nose of our dogs to gauge their reaction. 80% of the vitamins we have tested produced a negative response. When we opened HardyPet Complete, the dogs almost knocked the bottles out of our hands. A strong testament to palatability.

Then came the actual taste test with our reviewers. The normal positive response rate from most dogs when given a nutritional supplement is between 40% and 60%. This means that most of the time about 5 dogs out of 10 will like the taste of a canine vitamin the first time it is presented. In testing with over 100 dogs owned by our reviewers, HardyPet received an overwhelmingly positive responsible with 95 out of 100 dogs eating the wafer like it is a treat. In all of the years that we have been reviewing canine supplements we have never seen anything like it. That kind of reaction from the dogs directed our attention to the ingredients to see what was "under the hood".


At the risk of sounding subjective, it is hard not to admit that HardyPet Complete has the most impressive list of ingredients of any supplement on the market. The main ingredient is blue green algae which everyone here wishes was in more canine supplements. So often dog owners have to purchase a separate supplement to provide this wonderful ingredient because it isnt in most and with HardyPet Complete it is the main ingredient, fantastic. Next is the standard yeast component, and the use of brewer's yeast is much more agreeable with dogs than other kinds.

The next ingredient is chicken liver which may explain the reason HardyPet Complete is so tasty. Most of the vitamins we review lean heavily on beef liver as a flavoring which has proven time and time again to be a strong allergen. HardyPet has taken the generally accepted path of using a non-allergenic flavoring by going with the chicken liver. Why don't more companies use chicken liver? The truth is that it is a lot more expensive than beef liver.

The next ingredient is Cat's Claw which is used predominantly in supplements for aiding digestion and cleansing the intestinal tract as well as strong immune boosting. An all-around health building ingredient and it is good to see it so high up on the list. Next is Evening Primrose Oil which has been studied heavily by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. Numerous clinical studies have found EPO is critical in heart health and coat/skin health in dogs. Next is another expensive ingredient that you usually only find in pricey immune boosting supplements, shark cartilage. Any dog owner needs to make sure they are providing shark cartilage for their dog because it has amazing healing properties and helps avoid the vet.

Next comes several vitamin packed ingredients like alfalfa (Vitamin D,K), Luecine (muscle health), a host of individual amino acids, and alpha amylase (digestion aid). Also in the mix is Oyster Shell which by itself sounds like a curious ingredient. However, in this form oyster shell provides dogs with tons of calcium for strong bones throughout their life. A critical component for calcium health. Next is a multitude of vitamins which as included in the product instead of most supplements which count of the perceived vitamin content of bee pollen.

The list just keeps going. Next comes pine bark which is a huge antioxidant and very powerful for dogs. Then is papain which has a dual effect of aiding in digestion and boosting immune function. Then comes another group of powerful amino acids and a stack of vitamins. When HardyPet was formulating their product it is as if they wanted to see if they could fit everything that is known to promote canine health into one supplement. An amazing list of more healthy ingredients than we have ever seen before in one package. You would literally have to buy 10 different normal supplements to get everything you do in one HardyPet Complete..


Overall Assessment

After going through the ingredient list we weren't able to find any one thing that stood out as being responsible for the amazing response seen in our dogs. yes, the chicken liver is known to be very tasty, but it is as if the dogs can smell and taste how many good things there are in the vitamin. Most empty vitamins have to load up on sugar and corn syrup to get dogs to eat them and still don't get this kind of response.

The bottom line with HardyPet Complete is that it has an impressive ingredient list that provides absolutely everything a dog needs to be healthy (besides a good dog food), your dog will eat it like it is the best thing they have ever had, and it is reasonably priced. It is not the cheapest supplement on the market, but it is not even close to being what we would consider expensive. When you look at what is in it and how many vet bills you will avoid by using it, this vitamin quickly pays for itself. Every one of our reviewers wishes every vitamin could be like this.