Foster's & Smith Vitacaps Review

Fosters & Smith is a great company and all of our reviewers were very excited about looking at the supplements they have available. We chose their economy formula, Vitacaps, to get an idea of what most consumers would be looking for. The company advertises this daily formula gives your pet both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for skin support and also contains the antioxidant nutrients Vitamin A and Vitamin C, plus zinc, to help maintain the body's natural defenses which is available in capsules and liquid.

Our first reaction was the choice between capsules (which all dogs hate and owners dread feeding to their dog) and liquid which limits your options in how you can feed it to your dog. We were surprised to find that they did not provide a chewable wafer which is what most dogs and their owners prefer. Our second focus was on the high oil content in the product which does provide the Omegas as advertised, but is not the healthiest option available to dog owners.


Vitacaps is best used as a source of Omegas but should be used sparingly. The use of the high quantity of unhealthy oils, especially larger dogs, is not a good idea. This company has lots and lots of canine supplements, but what they lack is a single economical solution for dog owners to provide what every dog needs. To use Foster's & Smith's for everything your dog needs, you will have to buy 8 different products and spend close to $200 which is not an option for most of us.

Our reviewers did try this product with all of their dogs and found the biggest challenge is getting their dogs to take the capsules. Most would choose a chewable product to avoid the challenge of daily feeding. The liquid was found to smell horrible which was not well received by the dogs either. Even mixing with food did not work and most had to resort to using a baby syringe orally to get them to take it. At the end of the day, everyone asked themselves why would anyone put themselves through the hassle of forcing it on their dog when there are so many products which their dogs will eat like a treat.


Overall Assessment

While Fosters and Smith is a well known company, Vitacaps is not what you would call a complete daily supplement. it is very limited in what it will do and must be used sparingly because of their focus on the use of oils in formulation. The difficulty in feeding was a big drawback. The only reason we can think of that they went this direction was to diversify packaging to give consumers the idea that they need 8 unique products for their dogs. Having everything in one chewable, or products that all look alike, is not good for business. Bottom line, great company but an expensive and difficult solution. Much better options out there.