Everyday Health Review

Everyday Health is a powdered canine supplement manufactured by a group called the Pet Health Institute and this group claims their product will improve digestion naturally. Their Everyday Health Formula was supposedly created to provide support for a dog’s digestive system.  The claim is that it is loaded with essential digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

So after taking a look what is "under the marketing hood", we find that Everyday Health has some very good ingredients. There is a good mixture of very healthy vitamins and minerals which have been proven to do a good job in supplementing a dog's diet. The biggest drawback with this product is that it is limited in its scope in that it only addresses digestion issues. There are also a few ingredients which are cause for concern in that they may cause problems with other body systems while it is aiding digestion.


Everyday Health contains what is billed as a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, and then lists roughly 23 ingredients within parenthesis. This is a common practice in the human supplement industry to avoid having to list the exact quantities of each ingredient you include in your "proprietary mixture". It seems odd to display a canine supplement's ingredients this way, unless they are anticipating this requirement from the FDA in the future.

The ingredients themselves are what you would expect to find in a low cost supplement, but we found that there list, even for strictly a digestive aid, was a bit thin. Many of the ingredients like zinc, manganese and other trace minerals are great for a dog's health, but have nothing to do with improving digestion. The last ingredients on the list (which means they are the smallest amounts) are what you would expect to be in a digestion aid but in much larger quantities.

What alarmed our reviewers were the use of yeast culture and corn germ meal. Yeast is a common ingredient in many canine supplements but in reality it is not the best thing for most dogs. What is worse is the use of corn germ meal which causes an allergic reaction in most breeds. While we did review this product in person, it was a decision by our staff not to feed it to our dogs because of the extreme potential for negative side effects.

Overall Assessment

The texture, manufacturing qualtiy, and packaging were very nice but it is hard to get away from the way the ingredients were put together and the potential for a wide spread breakout of skin reactions by using this product. As with any product, not every dog of every breed is going to be allergic to any single substance. With that being said, there are some ingredients which are know to cause really bad skin reactions in a large percentage of the canine population and there are two big offenders in this product.

In our opinion, Everyday Health is geared toward only one possible canine condition, provides a meager list of active ingredients for a digestive aid, and includes several ingredients that cause concern for having negative side effects. There are much better choices available on the market.