Dinovite Review

Dinovite is a well marketed canine supplement product group that is available from many online pet product merchants and is available in both liquid and tablet. Our team of reviewers were excited about trying this product but became suspicious by their website which contains all the flash and hype you would expect if you were buying a car. If is clear that a lot of time is being spent on the presentation and we were all very interested in what is actually in the packaging.

What we found when the product was delivered is that there is very little substance beneath the hype. As with many supplements, there is a lot of advertising text given about how Dinovite products will alleviate all sorts of problems from skin to digestions, but the reality is that the ingredients don't support the claims.


Dinovite contains many of the same ingredients in common canine supplements. These include flax seed, dried kelp, yeast, alfalfa and others. Their original canine formula also contains many unproven ingredients which may or may not be dangerous to the average dog's health. What is clear is that the ingredients in their product in no way live up to the claims made on their website and literature.

Our first clue was when we were visiting the manufacturer's website for more information on their products and noticed that the list of ingredients had individual links to give consumers more information about each ingredient by redirecting them to sites like wikipedia, as if this is a reliable source of information. It strikes everyone here as odd that they wouldn't have their nutritional scientists or other staff come up with a unique explanation of each ingredient instead of linking to unknown sources giving almost a self service feel for research.

Overall Assessment

After reviewing the product information we found that there were no ingredients that appeared to be unsafe for trials with our own dogs so our reviewers did try a taste test. For most canine supplements, it is common for between 60% and 80% of dogs to readily accept the supplement and eat it without rejecting it completely. Our experience with Dinovite liquid and original was that only 30% of the dogs it was given to would eat it. This was surprising to our reviewers and even after multiple days the same result was achieved.

The poor showing on the taste test prompted us to look more deeply into the product and found that it may be caused by the over abundance of yeast cultures which are usually not palatable to dogs and often present serious allergic reactions in most breeds. The overall reaction our team walked away with was this product performed well below our expectations.