Be Well For Dogs Review

Be Well for Dogs is a supplement that is somewhat powdered and is given with a dog's food by teaspoon according to their weight. The Manufacturer, lifetime of wellness, claims the following:

Be Well for Dogs is the highest quality all natural whole foods supplement with 1000 mg of Omega 3 per serving. Be Well for Dogs was developed to provide your dog with what is missing in most dog foods today. It is rich with antioxidants from organic green tea. With a daily sprinkle, Be Well promotes healthy skin and coat. Sustains energy levels. Supports trainability. Promotes dog's health. Provides antioxidants, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients. Improves commercial, cooked and raw food diets. Helps with allergies. Made in the USA

Our team has tried this product and found that the packaging looks like something someone is putting together in their garage. The listed ingredients are not exactly what you would want to feed your dog either which we will address below. Overall, the impression we came away with is that this product does not appear to be manufactured by a large company with a strong quality assurance plan in place.


This product contains an odd variety of fancy sounding ingredients and almost every one is dried from its natural state to a powder. Anyone in the nutrition business knows that when you dry out an ingredient like Beef Liver, for example, you lose every single nutrient it originally contained. That is just part of the drying process. It is obvious that the company that put this product together did not have the nutrition of dogs in mind and was only looking for something that sounded good on the label.

Also, the fat content is too high. Adding this product to a dog's food will change the fat/protein/fiber levels to a degree that is not healthy. A final note about ingredients, they should tell consumers the source of the Omega's so they can judge for themselves if they are true Omega's or a marketing gimick using "dried" ingredients which contain zero nutritional value.

Overall Assessment

There are many good canine supplements on the market which are manufactured by well known and respected companies that are using proven ingredients and a safe and effective formula. The presentation of the packaging and the information provided by the manufacturer leads us to believe that this is a homegrown product. None of our reviewers would feed it to their dogs to test it because of the danger of not knowing where it came from.